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When coming to Italy, most tourists always crave for history and pizza. Besides pizza, however, Italy is home to a variety of unique and delicious cuisines especially in Venice. Because of the proximity to the island garden of Sant’Erasmo, the most flavorful Venetian cuisines heavily rely on fish and vegetables. Here is a guide for must-try food and drinks when visiting Venice. 


Sarde In Saor 

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The term saor refers to a method of preservation during the Middle Ages which was used by Venetian fishermen and sailors. They used this technique when creating this sweet-sour dish. Sarde in saor consists of fried sardine fillets which they marinated in pine nuts, onions, raisins, and vinegar.  

The preservation method brings out the tangy and sweet flavors of the dish which makes it appealing to taste buds. Some restaurants serve sarde in saor as an appetizer.   


Buraneeli is a Venetian biscuit known as a famous dessert. This dish came from the Venetian island of Burano where its name came from. These treats are usually packed along for sea expeditions by seamen since it is easy to bring and heavy to eat.  

In the past, people can only find round-shaped Buranelli. However, bakers have tried shaping them like the letter “S” so that it is easier to dip in mulled wine or coffee.  


Squid Ink Risotto Or Pasta 

The squid ink may discourage many to try the dish. However, do not let this fool you. Combined with this briny flavored squid ink with the salty taste of fresh seafood, savoring the aroma of a sprinkle of spring onion, and sweetness of risotto rice, this dish will definitely be a favorite!  



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Venice is home to quality white and red wines since the country has the perfect conditions for growing these. Most wines, such as Prosecco, Bellini, and Spritz, are considered pre-dinner drinks lately. However, the best wine for Venice delicacies is no other than the white wine Soave. Its sparkling taste compliments the saltiness of fish and seafood dishes.  


Baccala Mantecato 

Baccala Mantecato is a cuisine made of stockfish. It is one of the ancient and most traditional dishes in Venice since the first serving of this viand dates back to 1431. A Venetian ship full of various spices landed on the island of Roest due to a storm. Once the sailor set foot on the island, they discovered dried stockfish. With this, they brought back the new-found fish to Venice, and the rest is history.  

This dish only requires a pair of stockfish added with lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, olive oil, and salt. Cook this combination until the Baccala Mantecato becomes creamy.  


Moeche Fritte 

Restaurants and households only serve this Venetian delicacy when it is in season. Moeches are little green crabs which change their shells during a certain period in the year. Once caught, they are battered and fried as a whole. Take note that speed is critical when harvesting these crabs. The reason for this is that they shed new shells after contact with water in only a matter of hours.  

What’s unique with this dish is the crunchiness of the crab on the outside. However, when tasted on the inside, people will go nuts with its softness.  



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Folpeti is a dish composed of baby octopuses. They usually dip it in a broth of lemon juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil. This dish is not a viand. Instead, many people use it as a filling for buns and sandwiches.  

When visiting Venice, do not just drop by the picturesque landmarks for sight-seeing. Do not leave the city without getting a taste of these Venetian classics. Make sure to dine with the locals as well and experience their Venetian cuisine.