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Buon Giorno! Are you planning to go to Venice, Italy any time soon? Don’t worry, we got you covered! 

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Venice, the “Floating City” as they call it, is at the northeastern side of Italy. It is built on over 100 islands, and unlike any other country, Venice doesn’t have roads but canals, making it a unique place to visit. But what exactly can you do in a city like Venice?  

Live Like Locals 

It’s essential for you to get a hold of the Italian culture to get the full Venice experience. In this way, you can gain knowledge from the city not just like a tourist, but in the eyes of a local. 

  1. Indulge In The Rialto Food Market

It’s better to go on a Food Tour with a local to avoid spending more euros on food. In this manner, you’re more sure that you’re going to get good food, without having to guess which ones taste the best.  

 There are different options for Local FoodTrip guides which you can book from according to your availability and through this, you not only ensure you’re getting the best of the best, but you know you’re up for some Venice History 101 as well. 

  1. Lights Off

Get a different experience by exploring Venice at night! Instead of having to bask in the heat of the morning sun, why not check out the city with the moon? If you want some peace and experience the city all to yourself, this one’s a better option for you. You can check out the Evening Walking tour rates as well so that you can avoid the morning crowd and have an experience of a lifetime. 

  1. Water Wonders
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The #1 bucket list item when you’re in Venice is to pass through its canals! Although the lines may be endless since it’s one of the feats of Venice, worry not, because there are other options for you to experience the wonders of Venice’s canals! Instead of riding a gondola, you also have the opportunity to ride a Vaporetto (water bus) and the water taxis where you can get a better glimpse of the sights of Venice since it’s slower and sometimes cheaper. 

  1. Fun Festivities

If you happen to visit Venice in February, you are indeed lucky! During this time, the city holds ‘Carnevale Festival’ or their traditional carnival where people dress up in masquerades and dance until midnight, just like in your old Disney movies! Their outfits range from white masks to ball gowns to capes, and witnessing this is just some of the best experiences ever. 


The Wonderful Sights 

Like any other tourist, we all want to get the best views and spots when we travel! Here’s a list of the go-to places when you go to Venice. 

  1. Away From Mainstream

If you want a better experience, try exploring the other small cities that surround Venice. You can visit the Murano and Burano island where there are a lot of colorful houses for you to see, or you can take a hike in the Torcello island where it’s less on infrastructure and more on nature, or you can visit Lido where you can enjoy a beach which is far from the mainstream crowds of Venice. 

  1. Museums 
Source: it.wikipedia.org

As you have noticed, Venice is pretty much rich in culture dating back to the Renaissance period. Experience more of this by visiting their museums namely: the Murano Glass Museum, the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum), the Venice Biennale which happens every two years, and so much more! 

  1. The Iconic Ones

Lastly, more than the different activities, are, of course, the famous infrastructures you can find in Venice. Get a glimpse of the St. Mark’s Basilica & St. Mark square, the Doge Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the San Marco tower, the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, and so much more! Just a pro tip: choose the sights you want to visit, not all! In this way, you can better enjoy the view. 

 You can experience the incredible culture of Venice just as long as you know how. Now, what are you waiting for? Ciao!