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With its magnificent architecture, scenic landmarks, and gorgeous canals, Venice is definitely one of the most famous attractions of Italy. This country is mainly composed of 117 small islands linked by bridges. Going into this country might be a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time travelers. Hence, here are some survival tips which can help every trip to Venice easier.  

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Stay At A Hotel Near A Water Taxi Stop 

It is essential for travelers to stay at a hotel near water taxi stops since it will be a hassle walking far especially while bringing heavy luggage. Make sure to pick a hotel which is easily accessible from the top Venice locations including the Bridge of Sighs, Riva Degli Schiavoni, and Piazza San Marco.  

 The disadvantage of staying in these premiere spots, however, is the high cost of booking a room. Hence, it is recommended to reserve a place ahead of time to avoid unnecessary costs.  


Steer Away From Awful Food 

This is harder to do especially if someone hasn’t tried the food yet. However, there are some tips that can help minimize consuming bad food within the country. Some examples include the following: 

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  • If the restaurant’s customers are mostly tourists, this is a red flag. It is better to look for eating places which have many locals in it.  
  • If there is a waiter or any employee calling out the attention of passers-by, don’t be tricked by it.  
  • If the restaurant mostly offers Italian cuisine like pizzas and pasta, as compared to Venetian dishes, this is not an authentic Venetian restaurant.  
  • If the restaurant’s menu includes various language translations, this is not a to-go restaurant 

The most important thing is to research the best restaurants beforehand to be able to check the feedback on each place.  


Visit During Off-peak Seasons 

Instead of visiting Venice during the summer months, try visiting on the spring or fall season. The timing of the visit is very critical in making the most out of someone’s vacation. Venice is a small city. Hence, once the thick summer crowds pop out, it is difficult to take great photos on its main attractions.  


Wake Up Early 

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Exploring Venice once the sun rises is a magical feeling. Quiet and hazy mornings in this city enables an individual to visit the landmarks without any stresses from the noise of the crowd. It is also preferred to wake up early to be able to get into the main attraction for the shortest possible waiting time. As a bonus, the greatest pictures are caught during mornings since it does not have the crowd and has beautiful lighting.  


Check Your Bill 

Because of the overcrowding in the city, there is a substantial possibility that the bill someone gets might be overcharged. It may be an accident sometimes, but in other cases, restaurants or other buying places take advantage of foreigners.  


Always Carry Cash As A Back-up To Credit Cards 

Most of the restaurants in Venice only accept chip and pin card instead of credit cards. However, some terminals decline transactions because of the frequent use of this equipment. Hence, it is better if tourists carry extra cash to be able to maximize the trip experience.  


Bring The Essential Items 

Aside from the reminders above, it is crucial to bring the following essential items to be able to make the trips easier.  

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  • Umbrella – Regardless of the weather or the time of the year, always remember to bring an umbrella to avoid hassle during the trips 
  • Earplugs – Earplugs will help fill the boredom during the long hours of traveling 
  • Slipper And Shoes – Do not forget to bring a combination of slippers and shoes to be able to tailor-fit the footwear to the kind of activity in the city 

 With all of the tips in mind, hopefully, every trip to Venice will be worth the time and effort.