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Mental wellness is a state of mind which means that there is no presence of any mental illness in an individual. People with positive mental wellness are observed to be happier, more optimistic, and more self-assured since they have complete control of their emotions, thoughts, and behavior.  

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Achieving an excellent mental health state can be attained through traveling. It is an opportunity to relax and steer away from the stressors of everyday life.  You can also check further in websites like Babble and Mom Junction.

Venice is a recommendable place to spend vacations especially if someone is looking for a place to improve his or her mental wellness. This city is known for its majestic views and incredible sites. Even though this is a huge tourist destination, the culture and history of the place are still retained. This makes Venice a relaxing country to visit. With that, listed below are some of the top spots in Venice which can help improve mental wellness.  


San Piero di Castello 

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San Piero di Castello used to be the country’s main cathedral. However, during the early 19th century, Basilica di San Marco was built and took over the role of the former. This area is the best place to better an individual’s mental wellness because of its tranquility. The melancholy someone feels due to the depopulated neighborhood and the silence covering the area will enable someone to find peace within themselves and help the reinvent their lives.  


Baia del Re 

The Baia del Re is located at the end of the Fondamenta Cannaregio. Even though the district’s real name is Sacca San Girolamo, it is more popularly known as the Baia del Re or the King’s Bay. What makes this place relaxing and peaceful is its location. It is separated from the crowded towns of Venice.  

We can find the northern lagoon in this area. There are nice benches around the lagoon where you can read a book or view the sunset or sunrise. You can also observe the coming and going of boats while in this place. Aside from this, there are also mountains surrounding the lagoon which you can see in perfect visibility if you are in Baia del Re.  

These picturesque views and relaxing environment helps an individual reboot his stressful mind and feel more relaxed. It can also boost their happiness and satisfaction. These factors further lead to more improved mental wellness.  


La Certosa 

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

During the summer, La Certosa Island is the perfect tourist destination for all. It can be found in front of San Piero di Castello. In the past, La Certosa Island is a place for military structures and convents. However, due to the initiative and passion of the local citizens of the island, it underwent renovation and is now transformed into a large green area.  

La Certosa is now a place where tourists can spend their sunny days while lying on the grass, eat their picnic food with their families, and watch children and dogs run around. It is a place of love and camaraderie where people experiencing mental health illness can find a new sense of belonging. Aside from this, a person can also breathe fresh air which can contribute peace to their minds.  


Laguna Fiorita 

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Laguna Fiorita is a 500-square meters green space located on the northern lagoon. A variety of flowering plants, trees, and herbs can be found in this tourist destination. According to research, there is a psychological relation between plants and mental health. An individual more exposed to nature is observed to have been more relaxed since green leafy plants are known to help reboot a person’s psychological processing power after being depleted due to stressors.   

The mentioned places above are proven to have a unique way of addressing mental wellness. So pack your bags and visit Venice soonest!