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You cannot miss the churches aligned along the beautiful piazzas and Venice’s canals. These 250 consecrated churches, which are considered religious relics and unique masterpieces, are a must-see whenever you miss this picturesque country. Hence, if you are planning to travel the lagoon city, you should make sure to include visiting churches in your wish list. To help you with your itinerary, here are the most beautiful Venitian churches to visit. 

Source: pixabay.com

The Basilica Of St. Mark 

The Basilica is located beside the famous Doge’s Palace. This church has the nickname “Chiesa d’Oro” or golden church due to its breathtakingly opulent golden mosaic made from pieces of Murano glass tiles. Another feature which sets this church apart are the four bronze horses which were captured in Constantinople and the great bones of Mark the Evangelist which were initially traveled from Alexandria.  


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The church is also known for highlighting the following: 

  • Ascension Dome
  • Nicopeia 
  • Pentecost Mosaic
  • Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood Mosaic

 This historic church is a statement of the wealth and power of Venice. It is genuinely a one-in-a-kind church that you should visit.  


Chiesa Di Santa Maria dei Miracoli 

The Miracoli, built by architect Pietro Lombardo from 1481 to 1489, serves as a sentimental church for Venetians. It is shaped like a treasure chest while using pastel colored marble. The purpose of the church is to safe keep a portrait of Madonna since the Venetians believed that it has miraculous powers.  

 Recently, this little church is now used for many local and foreign weddings. It is also considered as one of the must-see churches in Venice since it serves as an architectural masterpiece.  


Angelo Raffaele Church 

Angelo Raffaele Church, also called Anzolo Rafael in Venetian, is considered the oldest church in the city. The church dates back to the 7th century where it was known to be built by a bishop of the town Oderzo called Saint Magnus.  

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

 According to sources, this famous church is dedicated to Archangel Raphael. As proof, the interior walls of the church show paintings of Archangel Raphael while he is healing Saint Tobias.  


Santa Maria Della Salute 

As you enter the Piazza San Marco from the waters, the eye-catching white-domed church of Santa Maria della Salute will capture your heart. The white stone exterior of this magnificent church features 125 statues, numerous leafy Corinthian columns, and Baroque scrolls.  

Santa Maria della Salute offers a rich history. Around 1630, Venice experienced a massive spread of disease again. To combat this unfortunate event, the doge built a church called Salute, which translates to Good Health, while offering a prayer to the Virgin Mary. Some of the breathtaking features of the church include the Titian’s ceiling paintings, Giordano’s trilogy, and the Tintoretto’s.  


I Gesuiti 

This church may be new to your ears, but once you visit it, it will definitely be a favorite. I Gesuiti is located behind the Fondamenta Nuove, a quiet place across the cemetery island. The ambiance of the church is highlighted by the white-green marble walls and the baroque music which is played in the background of the church.  

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

 The most important hidden treasure of the baroque church is the “Martyrdom of St. Laurentius” of 1558, one of Titian’s last painting before his death. It is considered an outstanding art piece due to the play of shadows and lights to create a fantastic night scene.  

 Outside the canals, gondolas, piazzas, and palazzos, Venice is also home to beautiful churches. There are more or less 250 of these architectural masterpieces and their designs range from Byzantine to Medieval to Renaissance to Baroque. So what are you waiting for? List down these Venetian Churches and find your way to these gems on your next Venice trip!