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Venice, Italy is among the most visited cities, although only in particular areas. Using your city map to guide you might just be a waste of time with the thousands of people roaming around the city also finding their way towards the hot spots. Participating in walking tours can help solve this problem and save time and effort in seeing Venice first hand, experiencing the city’s food and culture right before your eyes.


The Venice walking tours are organized clearly and provide the tourist with a great opportunity to learn new and interesting things. Most of all, these tours open you up to the city’s culture, art, traditions, and a colorful combination of the old and new. The only problem you’ll have is choosing the right tour at the right time. Which tour would best be visited in the morning when the sun is not so hot? And what tours will help you experience romantic Venice at night? What tours will have you saying ‘this is the best’?


Let us help by providing you two of our day tours with their specific schedule in the morning and afternoon, and one evening tour that will blow your stresses away. Once you try them, you’ll definitely want to book more.


  • Campo Santi Apostoli. If you’re a first timer in Venice with no knowledge of its architecture and history, this is a great starter tour. The tour guide begins with a detailed introduction about the Veneto region, including its culture, awesome buildings, popular food and drinks, and interesting stories about the great Venetians. This tour also covers eastern Cannaregio and western Castello districts. Have a wonderful first morning at Campo Santi Apostoli.
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  • Campo Della Carita. This afternoon tour, which begins in Campo della Carita (Accademia), was formed to follow the morning tour from Campo SS. Apostoli. Once you’re done with Apostoli, you might want to take a delightful lunch in one of the many restaurants abounding the area, and then join this tour at 3 pm. You’ll enjoy this tour into the secluded parts of Venice that will bring you to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Building and the Cursed Palace. You will hear stories about the plagues that once inflicted this beautiful city and the church built to signify the end of the plagues. Finally, you’ll get to view the spectacular Mark’s Square. This afternoon tour covers most areas of the Dorsoduro District.


  • Vogata Di Sera Evening Row. Here’s something to look forward to after your walk tours, as most of them close when the sun sets when the special charm of the Venetian lights is revealed. The rowing tour is one and a half hours long and will take you to the magnificent Grand Canal. What’s exciting is that the gondoliers will teach the tourists how to row through the big and small canals. You will see what you don’t see on television, the secret side canals that are smaller and more intimate. This night tour is a relaxing and satisfying way to end the evening and get ready for a new day ahead.
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The best-kept secrets of the Veneto region lie in the fine details – architecture, the paths, how and when to get there, and the first-hand experience that you don’t get when taking a car or train. It’s in Venice’s romantic and bustling ‘walks of life’ that you discover its true charisma.