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There are about twenty million tourists that come and visit Venice, Italy every year. There are soloists, lovers, friends, and even family. That’s because it is one of the most loved places in the world. The uniquely romantic city is what makes it more alluring to visitors. The location is almost entirely in water which somehow adds a more captivating experience for most people who want to experience a memorable moment. Taking a ride in one of Venice’s water bus (also known as Vaporetto) adds fun and excitement to the whole trip as well. Venice managed to survive without cars up to the 21st century making it one of its kinds. Some narrow canals and alleyways pass through places. There are magnificent churches to visit as well. There are tons of beautiful architectures that fit perfectly in a fantastic photo shoot.

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But before you get captivated and ram up to the idea of visiting Venice, you might want to consider the “don’ts” of the city. For most tourists, some crucial details about what’s not appropriate make their exploration a bit uneasy. So before you end up like them and have trouble in the city of Venice, take note of these helpful guidelines.

Don’t Bring Heavy Luggage

Venice’s transportation mainly depends on boats. You are not taking taxis and buses around the city. Therefore, you might have to carry your luggage with you all the time. But the problem is, if it’s too heavy, you might feel uncomfortable bringing it while exploring the little bridges stairs along the city. Carrying a lot of stuff is inconvenient especially during the hot summer that can probably get you worn out real quick.

Don’t Forget A Map, But Don’t Worry Of Getting Lost Either

Bringing a map with you is one of the most important things when visiting Venice. However, you shouldn’t bet on it that much. The most exciting part of visiting the place is wandering the backstreets, back alleys, and over the bridges of the city. Getting lost around it is part of the experience. You can bring a map with you, but you don’t need to freak out when you get lost.

Don’t Expect Cheap Gondola Rides

Taking a Gondola ride can cost you about eighty Euros for only half an hour (read traveler’s experience here). That’s how expensive it is. It may also charge you a little extra for every additional 20-minute. That not all, the ride becomes slightly higher in the evening making it appear as a hundred Euro trip. So if ever you think that your Venice exploration wouldn’t be complete without the Gondola ride experience, stay focus on how much you will have to pay for it.

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Don’t Wear Skimpy Clothes

Venice has a lot of churches around it so wearing some skimpy clothes will be inappropriate. These churches might not let you in if you are wearing clothes that show a lot of skins. These include wearing short shorts and exposing your belly or shoulders. Just make sure to wear clothes decent and appropriate. It’s not that you have to wear tight-fitting suits all the time though. But if you will visit the churches, then don’t go on with short shirts.

Don’t Be Surprised With Risers

Venice floods and you may have to walk on risers. Though it is a seasonal thing and you probably don’t have to worry about it in the summer. However, from November to December, sometimes it does happen.  Note that the streets of the city flood and the water gets so high. Therefore, you still have to consider using these risers to get to the place you want to visit. The water doesn’t stay up the whole day though so it will probably go down. At least that’s something you can look forward to.

Don’t Feed The Pigeons

If you see all these pigeons around St. Mark’s square, don’t feed them. That’s because, in Venice, it is illegal under Italian law. Most tourists who tried and fed the pigeons received some hefty fines. Though they don’t harass the tourists in stopping them from the act, local authorities remind them not to do it again in some particular areas.

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Don’t Expect Free Bathrooms

It is just a heads-up and nothing directly intended for hate. Instead of using public toilets, grab a drink or coffee and use a café or bar restroom in those places. It will probably be just as clean as the public ones. There are a few public stations around the city. However, it costs two Euros. So if you’re willing to pay for the price, then perhaps it’s okay. You can read similar articles in www.mother.ly.

Don’t Forget To Ask For Process

You’ll see a lot of restaurants in Venice that has a tourists menu or something. If you do order that, make sure you don’t forget how much the drink costs. That’s because the drinks on the menu can cost a bit much on top of the meal. So before you might end up realizing you’re not paying for a cheaper meal, always ask how much the drinks will cost.

Of all the “don’ts” here in the list, one is the most important. Don’t limit yourself to exploring the city of Venice because it has so much to offer.