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Whether you’ve recently chosen to go to Italy finally or you’re just curious about traveling there, congratulations! You certainly have an excellent taste for places. Italy is one of the best countries for travelers with its beauty and magnificent landscapes. Of course, the best advice and tips for traveling to Italy is best when they come from a local. So, in this, we offer a few insider tips on how you can prepare for your Italy trip (now or in the future!).


Try To Avoid Tourist Traps

As with any other place, Italy also has potential tourist traps. Although it may be hard, there are a few rules you can observe to help keep you off these pesky places.

  • Skip going to restaurants or cafes that are in close vicinity to significant landmarks.
  • Restaurants that display their menu in several languages cater to foreigners.
  • Shy away from using Trip Advisor or anything similar. Learn how to be more observant. Read reviews from Italians themselves.
  • Go directly to locals to check which places are best to stay in and visit in Italy.
  • Research thoroughly and read a good Italy travel guide weeks before your scheduled trip.

Get The Most Out Of Your Time

You can do this by booking things in advance to skip the queues. More often than not, you will be very frustrated due to the long lines in almost all the main landmarks. Not only will this waste your time, but it might also drain your energy. You might become too tired to visit and appreciate the places in Italy.

Moreover, some places only allow limited access. That means, if you plan on visiting the most exquisite destinations, you will do well with planning and booking in advance.

Source: pexels.com

Discover Daily Life In Italy

Yes, visiting landmarks is undoubtedly a must. But you can also get a little more out of Italy when you venture where the residents are. There are many ways to experience this, like the following:

  • Taking public transport
  • Going to local markets
  • Strolling near universities
  • Taking a walk in residential areas
  • Eating where locals, not tourists, usually dine

With these, you are sure to feel like a native yourself too!

Plan Your Italy Trip Off-Season

You will never go wrong with Italy no matter the time of the year, but there are certain times which can make it more enjoyable. Generally, the spring and autumn seasons are a good time since the country is less crowded, and the temperature is ideal in these times.

If you’re not a fan of the summer heat, don’t go there in late June, July, and August. However, August is an excellent time to visit cities like Milan, Florence, and Rome. That’s when many locals are off, and traffic is less too.

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Don’t Forget To Have Pizza

Your Italian trip wouldn’t be complete without the authentic pizza experience. The number of choices is overwhelming. It’s almost as common as breathing air! Don’t be surprised if Italian pizzas are much simpler than what you’re used to. Go for the classic Napoletana or Marinara for starters!

There you have it. These tips are sure to help you create the best Italian experience. Traveling to a new country and experiencing its culture is one of the best feelings ever. Make sure that you also prepare well by researching properly and planning strategically. With that, the rest of your trip is sure to be one for the books.