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Italy is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. With their jaw-dropping architecture, landscapes, culture, and cuisine, this isn’t so surprising anymore.

A trip to Italy is one of the most memorable things you can do in your lifetime. You want your stay there to be the most exquisite, and with that, you certainly want to make sure you bring all essentials. The last thing you want is belatedly realizing you forgot something important while you’re in the middle of the Colosseum!

For easier reference, check out our list of things to bring and to leave on your Italy trip:

What To Bring

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  1. Jet Lag Relief Pills

Don’t overestimate yourself. It’s best to stay safe by packing jet lag pills. The journey to Italy can be very exhausting. You don’t want to waste a day or two just because you’re tired from your flight.

  1. Power Adapter

Norma electronic cords from the US, unfortunately, does not fit with most Italian outlets. To stay connected on your phone, you’ll need a power adapter specifically for Italian outlets.

  1. Italian Dictionary

You don’t have to purchase a dictionary since there are many tools available online now. However, a physical dictionary will come in handy for quick conversations when you’re lost or just trying to keep small talk. There are lots of Italian dictionaries or phrasebooks, specially formatted for travelers.

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  1. Perfect Shoes

Your stilettos might be more comfortable being left at home. You are sure to do a lot, and I mean a lot of walking in Italy. If you’re not used to that, it’s even more important to choose the right footwear. It doesn’t have to be chunky gym sneakers. You can still bring dainty and fashionable pieces like comfortable sandals, cute flats, or even leather boots during the winter.

  1. A Trusty Bag

You don’t have to bring a backpack (although it might be useful for an Italian hike), but you do need a reliable bag which can hold many items. You’ll never know if you’re going to head off to somewhere where you’ll hoard a lot of stuff like the beach or the supermarket. Nevertheless, this will be great for the souvenirs and trinkets you’re going to be collecting.

  1. Camera

Who would not want to take hundreds of pictures in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Whip out any trusty camera that can take captivating photos. Aside from the usual DSLR option, you can also explore other types like disposable film cameras. If you don’t have access to both, then your phone should be enough to document your Italy memories.

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  1. Swiss Army Knife

Or any multipurpose pocket knife, for that matter. It can save you from the inconvenience of opening up a wine bottle, slicing sample cheese from the market, or any other menial tasks. You’ll be so thankful you brought this along with you.

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Since you’ll be walking a lot, remember that sun damage doesn’t look beautiful in travel photos.

  1. Travel Insurance

Please do travel with travel insurance as much as possible. Anything can happen at any given time. Being safe is loads better than being sorry later.

Final Words

Your Italy trip would be a hundred times better given that you are well-prepared. There is nothing more stressful than realizing you left essential things a thousands of miles away. You don’t want your trip ruined with these simple things. With that, we hope this guide has helped you have a better grasp on what to and what not to bring in Italy. Have a safe trip!