When coming to Italy, most tourists always crave for history and pizza. Besides pizza, however, Italy is home to a variety of unique and delicious cuisines especially in Venice. Because of the proximity to the island garden of Sant’Erasmo, the most flavorful Venetian cuisines heavily rely on fish and vegetables. Here is a guide for must-try food and drinks when visiting Venice. 


Sarde In Saor 

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

The term saor refers to a method of preservation during the Middle Ages which was used by Venetian fishermen and sailors. They used this technique when creating this sweet-sour dish. Sarde in saor consists of fried sardine fillets which they marinated in pine nuts, onions, raisins, and vinegar.  

The preservation method brings out the tangy and sweet flavors of the dish which makes it appealing to taste buds. Some restaurants serve sarde in saor as an appetizer.    Read More