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When In Italy: Learning The Italian Etiquette And How To Fit In With The Locals


Every country and every city has its social customs and etiquette. If you’re planning a trip to Italy for business or leisure, it is essential to be well-informed about the dos and don’ts when traveling. Being prepared about these things will let you shed your awkward tourist aura and have a more fulfilling and relaxing trip.


If you’re talking to someone for the first time, make sure to initiate a handshake and say your greetings. “Ciao” is usually the greeting that will first come into mind, but it is for greeting friends and acquaintances. Instead, say “Buon Giorno” for good morning or “Buono Sera” for good afternoon/evening.

Italians also have great respect for their elders. Standing up when older people enter the room is a sign of respect.

It is common for Italian friends and families to kiss on the cheek when meeting, but if you feel that you are not close enough to do that, a handshake will do. In addressing someone, it is best not to call them by their first names upon meeting for the first time. Wait until you’re invited to do so.


Dress Code

Most Italians dress elegantly and formally daily. As a tourist in the country, natives will evaluate you based on how you dress and how you present yourself, so it is important to dress neatly and respectfully.

Italians prefer fitted shirts and fitted clothes, so you might want to rethink wearing that oversized shirt for now. Flip flops and sandals are usually worn in beaches and swimming pools and not in the streets, especially not when dining in restaurants. Removing hats when indoors is a sign of respect, while taking off your shoes in front of someone is seen as imp lite.

Italy is home to many famous churches and sacred places. It is a must to see the beautiful structures and abundant history of these places. Make sure you dress appropriately when visiting these religious landmarks. Most tourists can get away with it, but knowing this will let you blend in more with the locals. They will appreciate it if you know how to dress accordingly in different contexts.



Eating And Table Manners

In Italy, table manners are formal. Italians rarely share food from their plates. Be polite and formal to waiters when eating in restaurants. If you need something, go straight to the counter for assistance. Calling staff or waiters across the room for attention is considered rude and impolite.

Italians regularly consume wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks as a part of their meal. Public drunkenness, however, is not tolerated. If you smoke while waiting outside or after meals, know that all public establishments in Italy ban it.


You don’t need to speak Italian fluently to survive your trip to Italy. Learning a few essential words and phrases will be enough for you to get by. Moreover, in large cities like Venice, Florence, and Rome, most people speak English or can at least converse in English. Most hotel staff have English speakers whom you can ask for assistance during your entire stay.

You may still have trouble communicating even if you know the essential words. But locals will surely appreciate it if you at least attempt to speak their language. Don’t forget phrases like “per favore” or “Please” and “prego” or “You’re welcome.”

Always bring your tourist information guides and be mindful of these tips. Then, you will have a memorable and fun trip to Italy!

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Traveling Is A Happy Pill (You Don’t Even Need A Prescription From Your Psychologist!)


They say traveling heals the soul and makes you a better person. Traveling lets, you have a more open mind, and it humbles you too. There are a lot of good things going on when we travel, but the most important one is that we become happier as we visit the places we used to only dream of in the past. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why traveling will make us happier. It is a happy pill, one that doesn’t require the prescription of your psychologist.

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Italian Leather Pants Styling Tips That Won’t Make You Want To See A Therapist After


Since Italy is known across the globe as one of the producers of the most beautiful leather products, it should not be surprising if even a therapist wants to put on leather pants while roaming the country. After all, the material somehow goes with the classy vibe that the entire place has, especially when you are in Venice. You can even put it on while you are out on a date and not get weird looks from other people.

The thing is, wearing leather pants still comes with a stigma, which some folks are yet to get over with. Since leather has been made known to the public, there has been this perpetual common notion that only the bikers – the ones with the bad boy or bad girl image – will suit this garb. If not them, then you have to become a rockstar before you can even think about buying a pair.

The real deal is that no social rule can tell anyone who can and cannot rock leather pants. It is not okay to treat the individuals who happen to love wearing them as if they come from the bad side of the town. The material does make you look sexy because it can perfectly hug your thighs and legs and show off your curves – that is correct. However, it does not mean that you are already in the act of inflicting trouble to other people’s lives. Well, okay, maybe the idea of wearing it can cause distress to the guys since you may be able to produce some hot fantasies to them, but that is not precisely the kind of “trouble” we are talking about, and that is for another story.


Anyways, what I am trying to say is that leather pants are the “in” thing right now, particularly to the Hollywood female celebrities. Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Moss are just some of the famous personalities who were spotted wearing these animal-hide pants, and they all looked rocking in them.

Some girls may say that those leather pants can only look good with few tops, and that’s a misconception, too. You can wear them with almost anything as long as you know what to match them up with. So, what are the best ways to style leather pants, you may ask?

Leather On Leather Is A No-No

First and foremost, you cannot be covered in leather from head to toe. If you go on a casual date wearing leather boots, pants, and jacket, it is not unexpected if the guy thinks that he is with a girl who came straight out of a Matrix movie or someone who has a leather fetish that is highly bordering to addiction. Keep in mind that anyone can only take in so much leather; if it exceeds normal, it’s unhealthy.

Loose Tops Are Cool

Now if you are aiming for that carefree, laid-back look, you can wear leather pants with loose shirts or sweaters, depending on the weather, and pair them up with combat shoes to exude that adventurous atmosphere that most people like to see in a woman.


Classy May Be The Way To Go

If you are more into that sweet, classy style, you can match it up with a boyfriend blazer or a button-down shirt and ballet shoes, which are either of the same colors of your pants or your top. Other than that, you can also wear them with pumps or black stilettos, to be more on the classier side.

Boots Are The Bomb

Moreover, some might have already slashed out the boots from their potential pair-ups with leather pants because it has been mentioned above that you cannot wear too much leather at the same time. Nevertheless, do not forget that not all boots are made of leather, so feel free to try on those boots that have the same texture as leather because they may substantially add more spice to your outfit.

Less Is More

In terms of choosing the right accessories after your deliberation on what kind of shoes and clothing you can wear leather pants, well, there is not much to think about. Less is always more when it comes to any leather because they are accessories already in their own right. You can wear trinkets of jewelry like a watch, a long-chained necklace, and a pair of earrings, for sure. However, kindly stay away from multilayered necklaces because they can make you look overly dressed.

Final Thoughts

You see, leather pants are not for the faint-hearted. Only those who are not afraid to have their curves seen can only wear them confidently in and out of Italy. Remember that in such kind of outfit, you have to feel good to look good. Think of the styling tips mentioned above so that you won’t get traumatized after wearing a pair once. Good luck!

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Traveler Tips When Visiting Venice 

With its magnificent architecture, scenic landmarks, and gorgeous canals, Venice is definitely one of the most famous attractions of Italy. This country is mainly composed of 117 small islands linked by bridges. Going into this country might be a bit overwhelming, especially for first-time travelers. Hence, here are some survival tips which can help every trip to Venice easier.  


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