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AA PRODUCT PHARMA is created on 1st Jan 2018 by A group of Multi-National People:

Mr. Ly Chantha, CEO, Cambodian

AA PRODUCT PHARMA anticipates that in the near future, there will be many challenging and rewarding years ahead as the group continues to pursue new products market development and advancements.
A A PRODUCT PHARMA is determined to develop and move towards a greater diversification of activities and new business opportunities and joint ventures with Global Partnership.

The management believes that we have the right mix of people with relevant experiences to work as a team to continue improving our services and products quality.
We welcome you to visit our website and we will strive to serve you better and better.
Started as a trading company in the year 2012, AA PRODUCT PHARMA company has developed itself from AAP Group Healthcare Department, into a group of multi-tasks, multi-product agencies as well as a steel related products’ healthcare in Cambodia.

AA PRODUCT PHARMA is the  Market Expansion Company  for companies who want to grow their business, relating healthcare in Cambodia. Our clients and customers benefit from integrated  along the entire value chain, offer any combination of sourcing, marketing, sales, distribution.  AA PRODUCT PHARMA  provides business partners with a comprehensive range of knowledge and experience, combined with deep industry expertise.